15 May

What If You Could EAT and EXERCISE Your Karma Away?

The word ‘karma’ gets a bad rap these days. It’s like the misbehaving child causing a ruckus on the playground, making everyone’s life miserable. Just say the word ‘karma’ and the expression on people’s faces around you will be one of worry, fear, and/or concern.

Ask Merriam-Webster and they’ll tell you that karma is the force created by a person’s actions that some people believe causes good or bad things to happen to that person. Oxford and the most reputable source of information on the web, Wikipedia, provide related definitions, from which it’s evident that karma leaves with us a sense that our potential for health and happiness may be doomed because of our actions in previous lives and generations that are unavoidably passed down and affecting us today. ‘It must be karma’ you’ll hear someone say when something challenging or unpleasant happens in their life.

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What if, just for a moment, we let go of this stigma and look at the true meaning of karma? Karma, in its truest sense, is ‘the memory contained in the cells of your body’. And yes, scientific studies have confirmed that this cellular memory is in fact passed down intergenerationally as an epigenetic inheritance, be it an effect of a particular dietary change1 or a traumatic experience2. Karma then is nothing more than a genetic mutation.

Which brings me to the good news. Scientific research, especially since the start of the millennium, has made it clear that our genetic mutations, whether they are for illness or health, depression or joy, struggle or ease, can be activated or deactivated, turned on or off, through epigenetic means. Just as any memory, this cellular memory can stay in the past or it can travel with you into the future, affecting your every thought and action. The course it takes is up to you.

So how can you choose what goes into your cellular memory and change your karma forever?

Find your talents and share them with the world. Those things that you love doing are usually also the things that you’re good at. So find them, own them, and share them! Your cells will thank you and the world will thank you, for you’ve filled a much needed gap that was essential for the synergistic functioning and expansion of the Universe.

CELLebrate your body with food. Every bite of food either supports your cells in functioning optimally or it signals those unwanted genes to turn on. Your genes are not like anyone else’s genes so be sure to find out what’s right for you in terms of not only what you eat but also when you eat it.

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Move to sweat and smile. Want to walk a mile around your neighborhood park? Take a step class? A Zumba class? Lift some weights? Run a 5K? Go all out with CrossFit? Whatever it is, make sure it feels good to you. If you’re looking good, it’s not a guarantee that your cells are looking good too, but if you’re feeling good, the probability is high that your cells too are frolicking happily around your body.

Choose your tribe intentionally. It’s true what they say: ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ Whether at home or at work, every person you are around influences your state of mind, your development, and even your health habits. It’s known in the scientific community as social contagion, and it’s not just about who you spend time with in person; it extends to those you interact with on social media3. So why not choose to be influenced by people who “get” you, who support you (and your tiniest cells) in being the best version of you, and who share your goals, vision, and definition of “success”?

Mind your mind. ‘Why did I do/say that?’ At first glance, humans appear to be mysterious, complex beings. When we as these mysterious, complex beings practice becoming aware of the reasons why we do or say certain things, we become aware of the inherent workings of our conscious mind and of the memories our cells may be holding onto by way of our subconscious mind. And over time, things become a lot more clear and simple. If this type of self-reflection isn’t something your mind naturally gravitates to, then ask a friend or make an appointment with someone for whom these are natural gifts. That’s the beauty of each of us having unique talents… we can share them with one another in the interest of the common good.

Why did I write this? Because one of my fundamental values which drives a lot of my thoughts and behavior, is freedom of self – the kind you can feel on the inside, that leads you to burst with joy on the outside, and that knocks the old view of “karma” as something predetermined upside its head. Because it leaves you with a realization that no matter what your cellular memory, you can leave it in the past and share your gifts freely with the world.

The easiest way to do that? Find out what brings you joy in body and mind, and do it. The best way I know to do that? The personalized health and wellness platforms Shae and ph360.


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2 Yehuda, R., Daskalakis, N.P., Bierer, L.M., Bader, H.N., Klengel, T., Holsboer, F., & Binder, E.B. (2015). Holocaust exposure induced intergenerational effects on FKBP5 methylation. Biological Psychiatry, doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2015.08.005

3 Kramer, A. D. I., Guillory, J. E., & Hancock, J. T. (2014). Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111, 8788–8790, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1320040111


01 May

Your Health Type, Your Life

Your health type isn’t just a Health Type. It’s a Life Type. Because it is an incredible tool for noticing and correcting underlying imbalances that may be impacting your health, and also for understanding your natural strengths and psychological and social inclinations. So let’s delve into each type and see what it reveals about the inherent world that exists within and around you.

If you’ve yet to discover your Health Type, just click here to take the health type test and get started on your personal journey of optimal health and wellness.


Activator Physical Characteristics

As an Activator, you come equipped with short bones and stature, are naturally more muscular, and are likely to carry more weight in your stomach, hips, and thighs.

The Activator Mind

The Activator mind is governed by two main preferences: change and challenge. As an Activator, you need to engage in a variety of tasks that allow you to use your variety of skills and talents throughout the day. If your schedule is too repetitive, you will become bored and unstimulated. As an Activator, you also have high mental stamina and can be very focused, productive, and determined when it comes to reaching a goal you desire. Give yourself the opportunity to take risks and engage in activities that stimulate your mind – you won’t regret it.

The Activator’s Social World

As an Activator, you value your independence and the ability to take time to be with your own ideas. Yet you also love interacting with like-minded people who, like you, value their own resolve and independence. It is important that you take time out to be with your partner, family, or close friends. It will give you space to verbally express your ideas and will act as a nice break from your routine. Invite diversity of ideas into your social world too by meeting new people and listening to their viewpoints whenever possible.

Activator Movement

Activators are made to be active. Moving throughout the day is your elixir for health and wellness, and you benefit from engaging in many types of movement. Resistance training will help your body build the muscle it naturally strives to have, explosive movements (like in high-intensity interval training) will engage your mind’s naturally unpredictable nature, and team sports will involve its competitive spirit.

The Activator Diet

As an Activator, you have fast digestion so be sure to eat periodically throughout the day, with three meals and snacks in between each. Include a good amount of fruit and meat in your diet, and go easy on sugars and fats.


Connector Physical Characteristics

As a Connector, you have a short stature and a lean, solid muscle structure with a tendency to carry some extra weight.

The Connector Mind

The Connector Mind is oriented toward activity, diversity, feeling, and expressiveness. As a Connector, your mind loves to engage in activities that are helpful, stimulating, and that unite people and ideas. When you have opportunities to share your feelings and ideas, and to engage in a variety of activities that you deem important to the well-being of the world, your mind and body naturally gravitate toward a state of well-being.

The Connector’s Social World

As a Connector, you are undeniably a social being. You are open, friendly, and affectionate. You are in tune with the emotional states, perspectives, and needs of those around you and you are quick to lend a kind word or gesture. Having people around you who appreciate you and to whom you can regularly express what is going on in your life is essential. The more you interact and share with others, the more energized you are in your daily life.

Connector Movement

Your body yearns to move throughout the day and it yearns for a variety of movements and stretches. Strength or interval training, either solo or with a friend, is a great way to get your heart rate and muscle strength up, as are group exercise or dance classes that simultaneously incorporate movement and social connection. As long as you find it enjoyable, you should have no problem keeping it up.

The Connector Diet

As a Connector, you are familiar with how good food tastes and how healthy food feels for your body. Keep this in mind as you select a diet full of healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables, surround yourself with other healthy, conscious eaters, and watch the results come over time.


Guardian Physical Characteristics

As a Guardian, you are tall with a large body mass and a tendency to carry extra weight.

The Guardian Mind

Your mind enjoys routine and stability and is easily content being in one environment or engaging in one activity for a long period of time. You are dependable and cautious and prefer stable activities without much variation. These calm, predictable, and repetitive activities feel great for your mind.

The Guardian’s Social World

You are the good-natured and friendly friend, parent, or co-worker everyone loves to have around. As a Guardian, you value and prioritize family. Each member of your family is cared and supported for to a high degree. Surround yourself with supportive, understanding, and trustworthy people like you and you will find yourself feeling better than ever.

Guardian Movement

As a Guardian, increasing your circulation through activities like walking and light aerobics is immensely helpful to your health and overall well-being. Involve others in your activities to enhance the pleasure you feel and the motivation you have to repeat them.

The Guardian Diet

Your digestion is quite slow and your body tends to conserve energy as a Guardian, so you may find it more natural for you to put on and keep on weight than people of other biotypes. Many of your actions, including eating, are dictated by pleasure. Be sure to bring your love of food and of family together to create family dinners and events as you prioritize eating a diet high in vegetables, low in fruits, and with less meat than other biotypes.


Diplomat Physical Characteristics

As a Diplomat, you come equipped with a tall height, large body mass, and a thick muscle structure.

The Diplomat Mind

As a Diplomat, you are drawn towards a stable way of life to match the calmness and stability of your mind. Your mind is great at analyzing visual data and finding solutions to problems in the form of emerging patterns. With a predictable routine, your mind can be at its best.

The Diplomat’s Social World

As a Diplomat, you are generally very likeable and easy to get along with and though you can get along with almost anyone, you prefer to spend a majority of your time with close friends and family. You can benefit most from being around laid-back, easy-going, and loyal people like yourself. And though you may not seek them out, you are generally happy to make new acquaintances if they approach you.

Diplomat Movement

Regular exercise is important for you as a Diplomat. Because you have a thick muscle structure, you can become quite strong with a regular muscle strengthening routine. Keep your activities aligned with the slow rhythm that your body prefers and you will undoubtedly keep them up. Activities that are low impact and enhance your circulation, like swimming, can also be great for you.

The Diplomat Diet

The digestion and metabolism of a Diplomat are quite slow, so weight gain comes about more easily than it does for other biotypes. Give yourself time to digest, eating 2 or 3 times a day while avoiding snacking in between meals. Eating is a pleasure-filled activity for you, so be sure to take joy in the foods you are eating and be mindful of what you put on your plate, especially when gathered with the ones you love and consider family.


Sensor Physical Characteristics

As a Sensor, you are generally long and lean with light bones.

The Sensor Mind

As a Sensor, you come equipped with an analytical and intellectual mind that is oriented to the creative process. Your mental energy is rarely at rest, rendering you very focused, determined, and attentive to detail. You thrive when pursuing a goal independently and you can learn anything that is of interest to you in a short matter of time.

The Sensor’s Social World

Because you tend to speak only when necessary, others may perceive you as withdrawn, shy, or ‘hard to get to know’. Around your close friends, however, you may be quite talkative and open to sharing about yourself. When around logically-minded people like yourself, you are more at ease in both social and professional situations.

Sensor Movement

Light, repetitive aerobic activities like dance or step aerobics are great for you as a Sensor, as are activities that stretch and engage your body and mind simultaneously (eg Yoga). Engage your mind and you will enjoy and benefit much more from your exercise routine.

The Sensor Diet

Because you have an exceptionally high metabolism and low body fat as a Sensor, you are unlikely to gain weight, even if eating unfavorably for a period of time. To keep your nervous system and digestive system operating at their best, be sure to cook your food well and include plenty of healthy fats in your diet.


Crusader Physical Characteristics

As a Crusader, you have a lean body with medium-sized bones and a medium height.

The Crusader Mind

The Crusader Mind is characterized by high activity, high motivation, high independence, and immaculate capability for intellect, focus, and leadership. Your mental processes lead you to be determined, goal-oriented, and easily disciplined. You care about the details, enjoy an intellectual challenge, and openly and willingly accept responsibility.

Crusader Movement

Steady, rhythmic movement done consistently over a long distance, such as running, biking, hiking, swimming, and tennis is great for you as a Crusader. When done with purpose and efficiency, physical movement can satisfy the goals of both your body and mind.

The Crusader’s Social World

As a strong, self-reliant individual, you prefer to be around others who are similarly minded, though you can relate well to most people, especially when you are in a position of leadership and authority.

Small groups of people or several close friends or a partner make up your ideal social world.

The Crusader Diet

A high metabolism and long, lean muscles render you unlikely to gain weight. You can find your optimal bodily balance through a tender combination of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and well cooked meats.

Appreciating and Inhabiting our Inherent Individuality

We all come to life with distinct physical, physiological, bio- and neuro-chemical tendencies , each of which reveal the psychological, social, and behavioral preferences that are ingrained into the very essence of who we are. Understanding your health type and its needs can make all the difference to the quality of your health, your relationships, and your life. Going beyond health-typology to embrace yourself as a unique individual will reap even further rewards for your body, mind, and life. When you can appreciate and inhabit who you are as an individual, who you are as an individual becomes all-knowing and all-powerful.

Here’s to turning your health type into a life designed perfectly for you!