29 Jan

Life with ph360: Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Life with ph360: Sleep, Glorious Sleep

BC (before children), I literally slept through fire alarms, doorbells, and telephones. No alarm clock could wake me up, and I was never bothered by the noise my husband made in the morning. But after children, sleep was a completely different story. I started having trouble sleeping after I had my first daughter, and try as I might, nothing made a difference.

For the past 10 years or so, I have rarely had a full night of sleep without waking to some sound, or with thoughts running wild in my head. Whether I was worrying about my baby’s first day at childcare, how a sales pitch would go, or what I was going to do about my recurring digestive problems, sleep felt more like a battle than a rest.

I tried sleeping visualizations, deep breathing, eliminating computer and tech time hours before bed, white noise machines, and a number of other sleep improvement strategies, but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I began using ph360 that things changed.

After the first few days of trying my new food and exercise plans, I noticed that my mind was quieter at bedtime. And when I was finally able to shift my coffee habit to green tea, things really transformed. I was no longer stuck in the vicious cycle of coffee first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Green tea gave me energy but didn’t wire me to the point of sleeplessness.

All of that combined with what I can only guess is the balancing of my hormones due to changing my diet and exercise has made my sleep almost better than ever. One of the first suggestions ph360 provided was that I go to sleep earlier so that my hormone producing glands could properly regulate between 11 pm and 2 am. At first, it felt nearly impossible to go to sleep so early. After all, I was still processing the caffeine from my last cup of the afternoon.

Once I changed my caffeine intake and my diet, going to sleep by 11 actually felt luxurious. I started to look forward to going to bed earlier, because I was sleeping like a teenager again—deep, restorative, uninterrupted sleep. As a result, I have more energy to care for and enjoy my family, take moments to myself that are badly needed, and excel at work. My mind is sharp and my body is rested.

Waking up each morning feels amazing, too. Instead of dreading another long day of feeling exhausted, I’m excited for everything the day holds. ph360 has been such an ally in my way back to restful sleep. I’m excited to explore even deeper levels of wellness as I track my progress and my results change!

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15 Jan

The 5 Dangers of Sweeping Statements

The 5 Dangers of Sweeping Statements

Want to be vegetarian? Go for it. But if you go around telling everyone that all meat causes cancer, that’s an unreliable statement to make.

Want to eat raw? Do it. But if you start spreading the word that all cooked foods are deteriorated and empty of nutritional value, that’s an irresponsible move on your part.

Here are 5 reasons why such sweeping statement pose a danger. You may very well be:

  1. Getting nutrition information that’s not suited to your personal health needs.
  2. Working too hard on your diet and exercise regime and not reaping the benefits.
  3. Thinking you should avoid a certain food when your body actually needs it.
  4. Making yourself crazy trying to make sense of contradicting nutrition and diet information out there.
  5. Making your health worse with your well-intentioned efforts.

Here’s how you can overcome these dangers:

Science doesn’t lend itself to sweeping conclusions that apply to everyone and everything easily and it shouldn’t be used that way. Science is a slow and rigorous process that is full of complexities when trying to create ideal research conditions to make conclusions and should be retested often before factual statements can be made. The scientific process doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to producing regular and newsworthy in-the-moment headlines that catch our attention and inspire us to read on.

When it comes to making important decisions about your health because of an existing health condition or one you’re trying to prevent, it’s important to go far beyond what’s newsworthy and delve deep into the research. For many people, delving this deep into scientific, complicated, and often contradictory research can be overwhelming. After all, scientific “fact” is always changing with new discoveries and with the realization that findings considered factual apply to some people more than others. Even if you are a doctor, nutritionist or other health practitioner, making decisions regarding healthy eating is rarely a clearly-paved road.

So what do you do?

Learn to trust the sources that have dedicated themselves to clarifying the complicated and often contradictory information out there. Two health platforms that delve deep into scientific research for you so you don’t have to are Personal Health 360 (ph360) and its evolution ShaeTM. Backed by decades of research, these platforms make entirely different recommendations for each of its users. Because there is no one, simple, sweeping health solution for everyone.

ph360 examines all health science news and discoveries from various angles and incorporates it into its complex algorithms to provide a unique protocol specifically matching the needs of your own body. No more thinking that spinach is a superfood only to learn that its oxalate content is affecting your kidneys in not such a super way. No more wondering if all the benefits of coconut oil apply to you. No more struggling to have yogurt every day to maintain a healthy gut only to find out it’s best for you in moderation amidst other sources of probiotics.

Each one of us is unique. Each one of us has different biological needs and physical trouble spots. There are so many personal factors that need to be considered in determining what’s right for you. Standardized protocols and generalized statements don’t equal true health. Health is personalized and our health choices should be too.

08 Jan

Take a Vacation For Your Genes

Take a Vacation For Your Genes

New evidence suggests that your genetic background has a lot to do with the climate your body is best suited for.

Geomedicine is the study of the effects of the environment on health. It turns out that not all body types thrive in every environment. So if your ancestors were Vikings who spent their time hunting, fishing, boating and surviving in frigid and windy climates, and you live in a hot, humid and tropical place, you may be more more prone to certain health problems.

Why? The environment in which your ancestors evolved may be ideally suited for your unique genetic profile. The temperature range, levels of humidity, seasonal changes, and amount of light in that environment optimally support your phenotype—the way your genes look in their physical expression (translation: what you see when you look in the mirror).

But what if you live halfway across the world from where your ancestors hail, and don’t intend on moving back to the motherland? That’s where vacations come in.

A vacation is not only a time to take a break from work and the normal hectic pace of life, it’s also a chance to go somewhere where your body can recharge and reconnect with its roots. Don’t you think your genes deserve a vacation, too? When you take a vacation to one of the places your DNA originated, you give your body an opportunity to relax into its natural, ancient patterns of health and wellness.

So the next time you’re planning a getaway, consider where your great grandparents lived as your ideal destination. Wish you could figure out the best time of year to go? The epigenetically smart algorithm behind ph360 can not only help you determine the best place to take a vacation, but also the best month for your travel and wellness regimen. And for this month only, ph360’s Lifetime Membership is available for just $97.

Start exploring the potent world of your epigenetic profile today, and discover how your genes can reveal your ideal vacation spot.

01 Jan

How to Drop a Size (or Two) Fast!

How to Drop a Size (or Two) Fast!

As more people are reporting the results of their use of ph360, we’re hearing a recurring, and temporarily annoying side effect: They have to buy new clothes! We know, we know—it’s a problem a lot of people wouldn’t mind having. The tricky part is that the weight seems to come off more quickly than people even realize, and within weeks, the clothes that were once almost too tight are now literally falling off. Why?

Once people know the right foods and exercises for their specific bodies, they are losing weight more easily, and seeing their bodies completely change shape before their eyes. For users whose goal was to lose weight, they are seeing an average 1-2 size decrease after 1 month on ph360.

ph360 uses your body’s own DNA to target what it needs to regain balance naturally—which often means losing weight that was previously budge resistant. And importantly, ph360 emphasizes measuring your body regularly, which gives you valuable perspective on how your body’s shape is changing. The program reveals that numbers on a scale often fail to tell the whole story. For example, some users may drop a size with less dramatic weight loss than they expect—because their bodies are changing shape and strengthening even as they shed excess fat.

Targeting your body’s individualized needs means every cell of you getting the sweet relief of nutrients, movement, and lifestyle elements that are uniquely suited to your DNA. With the power of a personalized solution, it’s easier than ever to look and feel your best. 

Here are the top 5 ways to drop a size or two fast:

  1. Eat right for your body. Every body has unique hormonal production and nutritional needs—these needs must be met in order for the body to be able to release excess weight. ph360’s FOOD dashboard will reveal the specific foods your body needs for wellness, as well as those foods you should avoid. It’ll even tell you how often you should eat those foods that are good for you, and help you on your next trip to the grocery store.
  2. Exercise the way your body was built. Ever notice that gymnasts look radically different from football players? Bodies are built for different kinds of movement, and ph360’s FITNESS dashboard will help you to discover the types of movement that will strengthen and tone your unique body.
  3. Sleep before 11 pm. Hormone regulation in our bodies largely happens late at night, during the hours when the body should be asleep. That means that getting to bed before 11 pm can be critical to changing the shape of your body and losing those extra pounds you’ve been trying to shed.
  4. Hydrate! Especially as you make changes to your diet and exercise routine, it’s important to flood your body with the liquid it needs to detox. We are largely made up of water, so make sure you replenish often!
  5. Measure yourself. Measuring your body not only gives you a way to get to know yourself as you haven’t previously, it also allows you to track the progress you make on your ph360 journey. You’ll learn to rely more on the measuring tape than on the scale, and discover how good it feels to watch your body change shape!

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