21 Mar

Let Your Body Show You How To Make Money!

Let Your Body Show You How To Make Money!

“Money comes when we follow the path of least resistance for us. When we indulge in our passions with an open heart and a positive intent for the world.”

So that begs the question: If I just love chocolate and bathe in it every day and eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner and make my house out of chocolate and have the positive intention that chocolate can help everyone in the world – will the money come in?

Well, imagine if you did have that obsession with chocolate – you’d be a guru! You’d have people coming to visit your chocolate house, your genuine lust for the perfect chocolate would see you start a business of making chocolate from the finest ingredients. Your business would flourish – with your positive intent, you’d support fair trade, environmentally friendly packaging, you’d preserve the environments for growing cacao, and all the other ingredients you used. You’d be seen as a positive inspiration and be invited to share your story. Someone would write a book about you, you’d speak at engagements if you wanted to. Your family and community would feel your passion and be inspired to follow theirs. You’d attract the people who wanted to be around you and share your passion and your life would be awesome! (Of course, chocolate is healthy for this person!)

So how does that relate to your BODY?

Well, we’re all unique. Our bodies are made for different tasks. And the way your body is made, helps you to do things easily in certain ways. For example, someone with strong sturdy bones and large muscle mass is much more suitable for heavy manual labour than a person with fragile bones, little muscle and fat mass. Put a twig of a person out on the farm and sooner or later, they’ll break!

The key is knowing what comes easily to your body. And thanks to tools like ph360 and the revolutionary new ShaeTM, this is becoming second nature.

There are 3 key steps in utilising the wisdom of your body to allow money to flow:

  1. Find out the easiest way for your body to do something. We are all a different cocktail of the same essential ingredients. Some will thrive on achievement others will thrive on social interactions, creativity, or nurturing. Funnily enough, that difference is derived from your body and the naturally occuring level of hormones. Knowing how your body is made up, what your natural strengths are and the way your body responds best is the key to being in your state of flow!
  1. Combine it with your passion. Imagine doing something you love, that comes naturally to you – every day! That’s what happens when you combine your passion with your natural talents – an explosion of creativity and productivity that sets in motion a cycle that continues to produce incredible results.
  1. Set a good intention for you and the people you influence. If your actions are based on good intentions for you and the people around you, you will find that others will notice and be drawn to you. That’s the universe’s way of sending you support and reward.

When you’re riding that wave of passionate flow, you’ll notice the money starts to come in. It may not be in grand ocean waves, but it will come. When you align yourself with what nature has given you, add that to your passion and good intentions, abundance is naturally attracted to you. All it takes is listening to your body and when simple tools like ph360 or the new ShaeTM can do it for you – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!