Provide predictive, preventative tools and information for each individual to live a happy, healthy life


Share personalised knowledge, in a specifically engaging way, for each and every one of us


Acknowledge each individual human being as unique and often solutions for their own health


Integrate the knowledge and wisdom that we have together to create the most effective resources for health

To provide personalized health solutions for every human on the planet with accessibility and affordability.

To educate and empower people to be proactive about their personal health, given the knowledge that it will make them both healthier and happier.

To allow personalized health and wellness to become the norm for health, and be easily incorporated into people’s daily lives.

To provide scientific evidence from research that reveals how the integration of ancient wisdom with modern science and technology is crucial to the wellness of our body and mind, and our success in all we do.

To orchestrate and nurture a global gathering of the world’s key health and technology experts and thought leaders at the vanguard of their respective fields, where solutions can be found to transform the future health of humanity.

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We are an international collaboration of leading medical doctors, health care professionals, scientists, researchers, organisations and passionate ambassadors standing together at a critical juncture in the history of human health.

Widespread pain, suffering, sickness and disease exist in many forms today – from diabetes and heart disease to neurological disorders, HIV, and cancers.

At the same time, we have made unprecedented advancements in the fight against chronic disease. Health innovation is now exponential. And personalized health and prevention are now achievable.

Until today, science and medicine have been very focused on, and arguably quite successful at, finding a cure for isolated disease states. But we often conduct our studies and measure success rates in large groups of people with drastically different backgrounds and presentations yet similar symptoms. Even when similar stimuli invoke different reactions, findings are averaged in order to make sense of the research. And the individuality of every person—often the most critical factor in treatment and prognosis—is almost always overlooked.

The Ultimate Human Foundation (UHF) stands together for P5 Health, or Health that is:

  • Personalized
  • Precise
  • Predictive
  • Preventative
  • and Promoted.
  • Ultimate health must be promoted, because these insights and solutions are only as valuable as they are accessible. UHF was founded to support, inspire and educate a global audience about the phenomenal effects that each human can have on their own body, and to help orchestrate and support the growing number of health focused non-profit organizations as we work towards the common vision of eradicating chronic pain and disease from humanity over the coming generations.

    Because we all have parents, grandparents, siblings or friends who have lived with pain or survived a fight with disease, and probably some who, unfortunately, have not. Because over 1 billion people on our planet wrestle with chronic pain every day of their lives. We believe that if you have the choice to be free from the burdens of ill health, you should be. And that if there is a choice, you should know about it.

    We want to see people happy in their everyday lives, and health is a critical component of happiness. Health underpins everything. If we are not sick, we take our health for granted. But if we lose our health, there is no price we wouldn’t pay to get it back.

    Wouldn’t we all want to work together to make that pain disappear if we could? Of course we would. Maybe we just haven’t known how—until today.

    Properly supported, the body is capable both of healing and of avoiding a state of chronic pain and disease. Functioning at a level of optimum health is possible. It’s just that sometimes we forget that optimum health is different for each person and specific to each body. We are all built uniquely and hence will respond differently, even if only slightly, to proposed health treatments or medical interventions.

    The Ultimate Human Foundation believes that each person has a unique Personal Health Code that resides in our DNA but is dynamic and interactive to our surroundings and lifestyles. And using the combined power of ancient wisdom and modern medicine this code can be uncovered—to enable us to identify the specific surroundings and lifestyles that will help each of us balance our life and assist in reducing the risks of preventable chronic pain and disease.

    Knowing your Personal Health Code will not only help you achieve a state of optimal wellness, it will also give you the knowledge you need to live a truly fulfilled and fulfilling life. Because when you are healthy, your body, mind and spirit are in sync and working at their true potential.

    And you can then concentrate on what you’re really here to do.

    So why are you here? We’re here for you.