Personalised Health

Bringing the best of science, medicine and biotechnology together for the benefit of every individual

This is the first time that personalised advice has been accessible to millions

Personalised Medicine

Integrating east, west, modern and ancient to create a medicine for each individual on the planet.


Supporting the skills and knowledge to transform the ferocious complexity of health into tap and swipe.

Personal Health At Home

Personal Health At Home

From Documentaries to TED talks, media interviews to books, we invite you to help us share the Personal Health Message. Below are some of the appearances our founder Matt Riemann has made in the past year. If you would like to support our mission by including a segment on your TV show, podcast, summit or other media outlet, we’d love to hear from you! Please email to get in touch!

Working With Your Personal Health

Working With Your Personal Health

Using the principles of personal health to increase enjoyment, productivity and satisfaction in the work environment, ShaeWellness is set to revolutionize the corporate sector around the globe.

ShaeWellness supports the collaboration of employee and employer to create a fulfilling, profitable working life. By focusing on inherent strengths, healthy habits and personalised support, the ShaeWellness initiative gives the employer the information to place, coordinate and bring teams together to create a successful and enjoyable experience for all at work. It also provides specific personalised health advice for every employee to utilize, empowering them to look good, feel great and love life - at home and at work!

For more information or to get involved, please visit the ShaeWellness website here.

Personal Health Bringing Community Together

Personal Health Bringing Community Together

School Educational Programs
By engaging in the curriculum, the participants are supported to embrace their natural body shape, talents and skills to follow a lifestyle that is suited to them. This creates an accepting, easy path to fulfill their dreams, feel great and love life.

Students from Junior Primary to High School and College are catered for in this exciting program created by education professionals.

Studying the physical differences between the people around them, students learn the subtle differences that biotypes make to emotions, mental capacity and processing, inherent strengths and weaknesses and how to collaborate for powerful, resourceful and impactful change.

Parenting Programs
Bringing families closer together, helping parents understand their unique children. This is a transformational program that is revolutionising families offered, both in-person and online. To learn more about Parenting360 please go here.

Community Programs
An opportunity to provide basic biotype training to members of the community at the same time as raising awareness in local schools.
The Community program relies on a group of community members to fundraise and take part in the 10 week training program. This training aims to improve the understanding of physical features, and the implementation of natural talents, leading to improvements in self esteem, body image, confidence and compassion within the community.

How does it work?

  • A community group states that they will fundraise $1000 to support themselves and their community in the pursuit of health and happiness.
  • Once the allocated amount is fundraised, the community team is gifted complimentary personal health tools (Shae memberships donated by and a 10 week study curriculum.
  • The group fundraising also enables them to select a school to receive a Personal Health School Program for 1 year, allowing our next generation to share in the same self esteem, body image, confidence and compassion benefits from an early age.
  • To get involved in the Personal Health Community Education Programs please email

    Personal Health Tools For Individuals

    Personal Health for Individuals has launched practical ways to implement personal health into your everyday life so you can look good, feel great and love life!

    From the brand new mobile app Shae to week-long health retreats and detox experiences, has the tools to support your personal health journey. Download Shae here for apple. Download Shae here for android.

    Experience a personalised detox, not just a generic one-size-fits-all approach to detoxing, this program is tailored to each individual for their ultimate health experience. You can learn more about detoxing at or in the Free Facebook Group.

    For fitness enthusiasts the ShaeFIT app is revolutionary. This is the simple technology taking health clubs to the next level and helping personal trainers, and their members alike, to thrive!

    Are you passionate about Personal Health? Become an affiliate, and profit from sharing your passion! Visit for more information.

    Want to incorporate Personal Health into your current Health or Coaching practice? Becoming a ph360-Shae Certified Coach allows you access to incredible insights to assist your clients in getting the results they deserve. Visit for more information on how to get started.

    Learn more about how you can look good, feel great and love life at