The Spinach SLAP!

A fun initiative to assist in the research and development of personalised healthcare.


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The Spinach SLAP!

We need your help to raise at least $1.3 million to support you, your family and your community with personalised healthcare. All you need to do is take a little slap and donate.. If everyone gives a little, it makes a LOT of difference!

The principal of the Spinach Slap! is to provide personalised healthcare recommendations to individuals to assist in the interception of preventable chronic disease.

It’s about reducing the current epidemic of preventable chronic disease causing massive tolls on the quality of life, happiness and productivity of afflicted individuals, their families and communities and the cumbersome cost of healthcare to our nations, in the hope of future generations living without the pain and suffering caused by preventable chronic diseases today.

Our society has become entrenched in a generic form of healthcare. We have excellent results with surgeries, new technologies and acute care, however lack an effective approach to health from a preventative point of view. This is evident in the worldwide statistics of cases of preventable chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Diabetes and Obesity. As of 2012 in the United States alone, about half of all adults—117 million people—had one or more chronic health conditions. One of four American adults had two or more chronic health conditions and over 1 in 5 Australians aged 18+ reported having CVD.

Apart from the reduction in quality of life, happiness, and productivity of those suffering with these illnesses, the cost to our nations is extreme, reportedly coming in at hundred of billions of dollars each year.

Several important factors are crucial to allaying this epidemic of chronic disease, but the most important to affect an immediate change in the current state is prevention. However preventative healthcare, along with curative must be personalised to affect any real change.

And what if you suffered from Chronic pain – every day of your life you woke up in pain. What would you give to be rid of it? What if you had the information to be able to do that?

What is personalised healthcare?

Personalised healthcare is health advice tailored to an individual and presented in a way that matches their understanding to easily allow for positive behaviour change toward a consistent state of health.

How tailored can you get?

Personalisation is simply looking at a person as a whole, and providing what that person needs to be healthy. A person as a whole includes their physical structure, ancestry, predispositions and tendencies, current lifestyle, including diet, activity & relationships, their environment, mind and belief systems. Each of these areas has not one right answer for everyone as each aspect must be in synergy with the rest, and each aspect may be completely different for every person.

The result is a complex weaving of specific habits, activities and detailed advice intertwined to create a state of balance in the body. Unique to every person. Right down to the type of food to eat, how to prepare it and what time to eat it. Completely personalised.

The power of preventative health.

If health advice is given and followed before a condition becomes apparent, it is known as preventative. Providing personalised health recommendations for individuals gives us the utmost opportunity to remain in a state of health, with little opportunity to become ill - preventing preventable diseases.

Personalised, preventative health is complex.

Which is a solid reason why it has not been attempted on a grand scale before. However, with the technology that we have today, and our health and medical resources spanning centuries, we now have the opportunity to undertake targeted research to gather evidence and elements of effective personalisation and continue to implement those findings into resources that an individual may use by his/herself, or in conjunction with health and medical professionals to maintain a state of health.

Participatory health.

Along with the personalisation of health advice comes the personalisation of communicating that advice so that behaviour change may be adopted positively and with ease. This allows the person to actively participate to maintain their state of health in a way that is congruent with their natural abilities and understanding. Resulting in simple, effective behaviour change and improved health.

With the donations received through the Ultimate Human Foundation we will support:

  • Research into the benefits of ancient medicine practices, providing evidence based, peer reviewed findings
  • Research into the development of tools providing personalised health for individuals, health and medical professionals
  • Development of personalised health and wellness programs for individual use
  • Development of personalised health and medicine programs for use with medical and health professionals, connecting disciplines for integrated and holistic patient care
  • Development of curriculum for health and medical professionals on personalised health: theory, treatments, practices and integration into current practice
  • Deliver curriculum for health and medical professionals on personalised health for the integration and support of personalised healthcare in the community
  • Development and delivery of curriculum for adult education workshops surrounding the concept, tools and application of personalised healthcare to take simplistic ownership of individual health