17 Dec

How my body affects where I live…?

How my body affects where I live…?

We are all born with the genes for a certain body type – it’s a scientific fact and a very generalist approach to health, but it is the beginning of making it personalised – it can give you great general health advice!

How you ask? Well consider this – you are born as a 4×4 truck. You love climbing mountains, driving over dirt roads, splashing mud, it’s very important that you warm up before doing anything, and sometimes it’s very important that you go slow, or you won’t make it!

Now ideally, it would make sense if you, The 4×4 truck, lived in a cooler climate so your big engine didn’t overheat; If you lived where there were mountains to explore, and rocks to climb over, you’d be using your body to it’s optimal level – you’d be doing what you were good at! You’d use the things that were relevant to you to get you from A to B and keep you going – You’d get services every few months, use a particular oil to keep your engine ticking over, a particular type of fuel to make sure your insides worked properly, you’d have big, deeply treaded tyres that would get you around, your local mechanic would specialise in your type of vehicle and you’d hang out in an environment with other cars who were similar and understood how you worked and what you were meant to do, and why you took a little bit longer to get going in the morning!

Every now and then, you might head to the City and lumber around the roads – get a little hot under the collar, find it difficult to get a parking spot, yes, you could see over the top of everyone else, but you’d feel a bit cramped and out of sorts with all the zippy little cars speeding by.. So as soon as you return to the mountains, the open roads and the dirt climbs, you’re back feeling a million dollars…

On the other hand, if you were a Smart Car, your ultimate destination would be the City! Where you could park almost anywhere, make turns on a coin, zip in and out of other cars and have no worries at all backing into the tiny box of a garage linked to your city apartment. You be totally at home consuming less fuel, or you may even use a completely different fuel, like electricity, your tyres would be small and you’d be in your element when you nipped down to the local store, or the coffee shop!

Now Imagine your everyday Smart Car trying to make their way over a 4WD course – (yes, it may be a little extreme but your get the picture!) More than likely – the car will get stuck between 2 rocks and not even be able to move! (Until the 4×4 comes past with it’s massive tyres and enormous winch to help it!) The Smart Car wasn’t made to climb through rocks and wander through rivers, just like the 4×4 wasn’t made to zip in and around the city!

What am I trying to say here? As I talk about fancy Smart Cars and 4WDs? The parallel I’m trying to make is that were are all born with a certain body type – yes, it will be changed along the way by our environment, but in general, the body that you are ‘driving’ needs particular fuels, environments, friends, jobs and servicing to function at it’s optimal level!

So please – recognise that you were meant for a particular purpose – don’t try to be a Smart Car when you’re a 4×4! It costs way too much time, money, effort and frustration to try and be what you’re not!

Whenever you can – live where it feels good for you! Do the exercise your body is good at! Work the jobs your brain finds fun & easy! Eat the foods that fuel your needs! Get the servicing done and hang out with the people that understand you!

You were born for a purpose – and ultimately, when you discover the way that you live optimally, you will be living life to it’s fullest potential!:)

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