22 Jan

6 Ways to Add Fun AND Health to Your Next Picnic

6 Ways to Add Fun AND Health to Your Next Picnic

Ah… summer! My favorite time of the year. Some people love the fall with all the beautiful foliage, others prefer spring with everything in bloom and a sense of opportunity in the air. A select few even say it’s winter all the way, arguing for open fires and hot cocoa, but for me, summer is, hands down, the best time of the year.

Perhaps it has something to do with childhood and the summer school holidays, but there is a real sense of freedom during summer. The days are longer making it possible to fit more into our busy lives, the sun shines bright and cheery, and the smells of sunscreen, freshly mowed grass, and iced tea permeate the air. Summer is shorts and sunglasses, ice cream and pools, fresh air and outdoor activities.


The opportunity to spend more time outdoors is perhaps the main reason why I love summer so much. That and the fact that my body doesn’t have to expend all its energy on keeping my vital organs warm. Going to the beach, taking evening strolls and the opportunity to do outdoor sports are fantastic, but my all time favorite outdoor summer activity is the humble picnic!

Fantastic food, the beautiful outdoors and great company. What more could you ask for?

July just so happens to be National Picnic Month, and in honor of this glorious occasion we thought we would share some ways to make your picnic even better. ‘But how do you improve on perfection?’ I hear you say. Well, picnics may be oodles of fun, but with all the food and the temptation to stay sedentary under a tree for hours on end, they can be a little bit gluttonous, a tad unhealthy.


To make sure your picnic is just as magical as always, but that it doesn’t throw off your healthy lifestyle, here are 6 essential tips:

  1. Bring water. Staying hydrated is always important but especially during the summer when temperatures are high and the sun is strong. Bonus tip: fill a water bottle ¼ of the way up and lay it flat in the freezer over night. The next morning, fill it up the rest of the way and you have icy cool water for your picnic!
  2. Do some body-moving activities. Yes, picnics are all about the great food but burning it off doesn’t have to mean a grueling gym session. Play some badminton or softball with your picnic buddies or take a walk to explore the natural area you’re in.
  3. Keep your mind ticking. Bring along a board game or cards. Not only do they make mental stimulation easy but they are a great way to have fun and foster relationships all at the same time.
  4. Be careful what you put in that basket. Swap out the white bread for wholemeal on those finger sandwiches and make a fruit salad or pack some roasted nuts instead of salty, fatty chips to snack on. Making some smart changes to the food you pack will mean your lovely day in the grass won’t have to end with bloating or heaviness.
  5. Be sun smart. Make sure you apply sunscreen, and wear sunglasses and a hat. The warmth of the sun on your skin can be wonderful but without proper protection it can be dangerous too.
  6. Choose your spot carefully. Keeping the sun in mind, a spot with some shade is usually best. Something else to consider is how comfortable you are sitting on the ground. If you have back problems, bring chairs or cushions to make sure you don’t exacerbate them.

Great company, gorgeous weather and a little bit of forward planning will ensure you have an awesome picnic that’s both fun and healthy. And ph360 and ShaeTM will ensure the rest of your health needs are taken care of with ease. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab those blankets and baskets and enjoy Picnic Month!

22 Dec

A Gift for You: Taking Care of Yourself this Holiday Season

A Gift for You: Taking Care of Yourself this Holiday Season

As I explored here, we all need different things to feel good and enjoy our time together over the holiday season. This is a time of giving, so it’s good to make the effort to understand and appreciate each other better.

But what about you? How do you take care of yourself in an easy and healthy way?

Here are some tips for each of the Health Types to give you easy but effective ways to keep the stress down and the enjoyment high for you.

Activators: Stay fuelled & stay active!

– If you’re going to a late lunch/dinner – or the dreaded “finger food only” event – don’t get caught out hungry, or worse, hangry! Eat well before. Nobody needs to know or challenge you, and you’re not stuck on anyone else’s schedules to stay fed.

– Move! Carry, set up or clear things, play with the kids, dance, do push ups in the hallway when you go to the bathroom, or try and excite others with a game or competition. (Just choose your team mates & competitors carefully – maybe not your diplomat cousin who’s deep in conversation!)

Connectors: Connect & have fun!

– Connect with family & friends! Even if you can’t visit everyone, make calls, send messages, even if it’s been a while. Don’t let yourself feel lonely or forgotten at all – you’re definitely not!

– If you’re ever short on human contact – love it up with the animals! (Even if it’s someone else’s pet!)

– Boost the vibe wherever you are- even when it’s just you! Play music, dance, decorate, dress up for the season – and take fun photos and videos to share!

Guardians: Fill your cup – let others take care of you too!

– It’s wonderful to nurture others, but it’s good for you to be nurtured too. Invite your loved ones to cook & prepare with you, so you are supported and spending special time with them too.

– If a loved one isn’t able to be with you in person, make a way to feel as close with them as possible. Have face-to-face calls while you share special moments, like unwrapping gifts or enjoying a meal, even if you’re a world apart.

Diplomats: Take your time & connect deeply.

– Take it easy when you can, especially in the mornings. The day will be much smoother for you if you can prepare things before, or delegate out to those who are better in the mornings.

– Ask for helpers. Share tasks and do them together. You’ll feel less pressured and you’ll get a chance to connect with those you care about.

– Enjoy deep connections – have meaningful conversation so you feel fulfilled and not rushed by the precious time you have with loved ones.

Sensors: Keep your nervous system settled.

– Stay warm. If it’s Summer, that means air conditioning, and if it’s Winter, enough said. Have layers so you’re ready for any climate – natural and artificial.

– Schedule winding down rituals each evening – take warm baths, meditate, rest in darkness, stillness & quiet.

– Avoid predictably high stimulus situations as much as you can, so you’re set for the social events you choose to attend. Shop in quieter times, or ask someone else to. Make your space even lower stimulation than usual – even if it’s just a room / bathroom / large cupboard to escape to.

Crusaders: Prioritise & compartmentalise.

– Get major tasks done before social engagements so you’re not distracted

– Make lists of anything that still needs doing and leave it in that box until you can get to it (preferably not when all your relatives want to spend time with you)

– If long social engagements are not your priority, categorise them as “completing a task that is necessary and useful for others” – you might even find you’re able to see how it’s good for you to be taking that break too.

Enjoy yourself these holidays, in the way that is good for you. Try these simple steps to take care of your mind & body, with all the extra things going on over the season.

When you feel good, it’s much easier to make healthy choices, and enjoy them. And it’s much easier to help others feel good too.

Share this with your family and friends so they can help you take care of yourself too!

Happy holidays!

22 Nov

Diplomats: Health Type Hacks

Diplomats: Health Type Hacks

Want to set yourself up for success this year? Find out your Health Type’s hack for success in this series on what to focus on so you know you’re doing what’s right for you.

Trying to set yourself up for a good year can be overwhelming, and if you’ve tried and failed in the past, it can be really disheartening. Much of the marketing around this time can really play into feelings of guilt of not being fit / thin / sexy / successful enough.

But – you don’t need a “new you” for the new year. There’s nothing “not enough” about you.

You are unique. Your healthy is unique to you. Set yourself up for success in a way that works with, not against, your uniqueness.

You already have the tools for success. Your own personal set of gifts and strengths, your genius. Each of the Health Types has a unique way of achieving success, a foundational aspect of your life that everything else builds on.

Diplomats, your success flows from feeling secure in your time and space. Creating the conditions that make you feel safe, steady and in control of what matters to you will allow your mind and body to flow into its healthiest state.

Of course, you cannot control everything. But you can influence many of your epigenetic factors to work in your favour. This will trigger your genes to respond with health and vitality, and to switch off stress responses in your body and mind.

When you’re feeling ready, try out some of these ideas and see how you respond…

Craft a gentle morning ritual. Even if work or family commitments put pressures on your time, use your powerfully creative mind to plan a routine that gives you the feeling of starting slow, in your own time and space. Meditation, deep breathing, stretching, a soothing warm drink, and time in nature will all help establish a supportive epigenetic environment as you wake up gently.

Plan to face known higher intensity tasks in the afternoon. Both your body and mind are at their peak later in the day, so influence your schedule as much as you can to move anything that is a stress or pressure to this time e.g strong exercise, or important meetings.

Delegate and ask for help. As is your natural gift, you probably carry a lot for your family, friends and colleagues. But it can take a toll. Share your wishes to regain more of your own time & space, allow yourself that assertiveness, and set up ways of sharing the load. Those who have received so much from you will be glad to give back in return.

Make your home your beautiful sanctuary. Redecorate, bring in plants, meaningful objects, pleasurable aromas and physical comforts. Remove anything that has been niggling at you, or inconveniencing you. Make your space somewhere that gives you pleasure, where you can release any tension.

Start when you’re ready. You don’t have to jump into new plans all at once. Start with what feels good – maybe you’re feeling really confident about a Personalised Detox with all its group support, but haven’t found an exercise class you’re comfortable in yet. That’s ok. Your body responds when your mind is on board, and your mind gets on board when you’re feeling good about it.

Not sure some of these are right for you, or want more details? The most personalised and precise advice you will get is in your ph360 profile. It’s tailored to your complete uniqueness, far beyond just your Health Type.

Spend some time exploring your profile, even if you have before (as you might find fascinating changes). Start with Place, in your Lifestyle section, to find the most relevant explanations of your ideal epigenetic environment, and specific tips for implementing it.

A personalised health coach can be a huge help in guiding you through your profile, and assisting you to implement strategies in your daily life without overwhelm. They can give you the time and attention you deserve, especially if you encounter challenges along the way.

Whatever you choose to do this year, do it on your terms. Do it because you want to, because it makes you feel good. Live your unique health in your unique way, and experience the deep strength and vitality of your mind and body.

I hope you have the wonderful and rewarding year that you desire!

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22 Oct

Guardians: Health Type Hacks

Guardians: Health Type Hacks

Want to set yourself up for success this year? Find out your Health Type’s hack for success in this series on what to focus so you know you’re doing what’s right for you.

Want to feel stronger, lighter, more energised and satisfied this year? Want to really see and feel changes in your body and mind?

With all the diets and classes and fads out there, trying to set yourself up for a good year can be overwhelming, and if you’ve tried and failed in the past, it can be really disheartening.

You are unique. Set yourself up for success in a way that works with, not against, your uniqueness. Your gift.

Guardians, you ARE a gift to us all, our communities, our family. Your hack for success is in being that – the strong & steady, grounding, nurturing presence for the ones you love.

When you nurture and take care of others, it stimulates the production of the hormone prolactin. Your mind and body is designed to absolutely flourish from this hormone. The more of it you have, the more response you’ll see and feel from following your ideal food and fitness recommendations. If you’re not getting enough of it, it’s likely you’ll be unsatisfied with your efforts, making it easy to give up.

Setting yourself up for success as a guardian, means setting up conditions that will stimulate feelings of nurturing, of meaningful connection with loved ones, and of being truly motivated by how much your efforts are going to serve the ones you love.

Consider some of these this year…

– How can you spend more quality time with loved ones this year? Face to face is best, so you can really feel the connection, but if time or distance is an issue, set up weekly calls and connections to ensure you’re always feeling part of your family – blood and chosen!

Share your goals with those closest to you, and let them know you’re doing it for them. The flood of support from your family and friends will carry you through.

Share your experiences with loved ones. Invite family and friends to be part of a class, or to share in your new eating plan, or make friends in the class or group you join. The group support in the Personalised Detox is wonderful, and will help you feel like you’ve got a whole family (the ph360 phamily!) right with you.

One step at a time. It might be switching out one less optimal meal for a better one, or adding an extra walk into your week. Slow and steady really is your motto.

Spend time with nature, especially the greenery of forests and mountains. Long, strong walks outdoors are excellent for your body. And of course, sharing the journey is even better!

– Remember, when the going gets tough, who are you doing this for? Don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t forget what really matters most to you. Reach out for love and support when you need it.

Trying some of these ideas will help make changes easier for you, and you’ll see the results in the sheer strength and incredible adaptability of your body when it’s getting what it loves.

You’re not alone. Find someone you trust who will keep you motivated, like a personalised coach, who will affirm you of your strength and progress. They can help you understand the personalised recommendations in your profile and set you up to steadily implement them into your life.

Just as you nurture others, allow yourself to be nurtured too. That is the strongest thing you can do.

You will achieve even the toughest goal or biggest challenge when you are doing it not for yourself, but for how it will nurture others for you to be your healthiest version of you.

Have a wonderful new year, and to quote our phamily guardian – embrace your pace!

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22 Sep

Connectors: Health Type Hacks

Connectors: Health Type Hacks

Want to set yourself up for success this year? Find out your Health Type’s hack for success in this series on what to focus so you know you’re doing what’s right for you.

Want to have an incredible year? Want to feel more vibrant, more alive and more excited about life than ever?


But how do you do that? There’s so many programs and suggestions and tips … how can you know what will work?

It can be really hard to choose what to try, or what to focus on. You want results, and to feel good, but not sure on the path to get you there. To help you take the path that will be right for you, that will make you feel alive, tap into your superpower …

Connectors, you have that name for a reason – you connect! It really is your special gift, your superpower. It is your hack for success!

You’re designed to connect – not just people, but you also connect ideas in wonderfully creative ways, as you don’t just stick inside the box. The more you live your gift, your genius, by creating connections with people and ideas, the more all the other aspects of happiness in your life will follow. This is the foundation for your physical fitness, your best eating habits, your best relationships, career and overall well-being. So if you want to feel better in any of these areas, start with your best gift and let it flourish!

You’re a star, and you should know it. You bring people together, you bring out the fun and the joy when you live in the moment. The more you do this, the more it will spread to everyone around you, and you’ll see it reflected back at you, keeping you shining bright all year – in your body, heart and mind!

Bring more sparkle to the year! Have fun trying these ideas!

– Join new groups or classes – try a creative one and an active one for variety. If there are none around – start one up with friends or colleagues!

– Host themed parties or games nights- break up any dull weeks and get together with your friends and family in new, fun ways.

– Sign up for events that need the energy of people like you to make them happen – be part of community or charity events, or causes that you really love.

– Invite others to join you, for anything you like – meals, classes, outings!

– Share your great ideas to inspire and excite others – join brainstorming groups at work or in the community to help spark new ways of thinking and doing things

– If there’s a shortage of face-to-face connections in your life, use social media more to connect – have fun with sharing yourself and the things you love this year

If you’re not sure what kinds of groups or activities to try – check out your ph360 profile. In your Lifestyle sections you’ll find all sorts of tips on what kinds of activities you’re gifted at, with great suggestions for how you can unlock them even more and share them with the world. And don’t try to box yourself into one activity, one class, or one group for the whole year – that’s not how you’re designed. Things need to be fresh and engaging, so if they’re not anymore, start something new again!

Whether you’re concerned about your fitness, weight, energy, stress … the best thing for you is to work on your goals with others. Have the enjoyment and motivation of people who love and believe in you – whether it’s an exercise group, a catch up healthy eating group, a games group… whatever it is you want to feel better about in your life, you’ll achieve the best results if you share it!

A personalised health coach can give you the motivation and guidance to keep you excited and on track, and can listen to you if ever the going gets tough. A Personalised Detox can bring you this too, through the dedicated online community of people just like you who are having a real go at living their healthiest, happiest version of themselves.

So whatever you do this year, do it with joy, do it with enthusiasm, and do it with others. You’ll shine so bright in your success that you’ll bring such a sparkle to everyone else too!

Have a beautiful year!

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22 Aug

Activators: Health Type Hacks

Activators: Health Type Hacks

Want to set yourself up for success this year? Follow this series to find out your Health Type’s hack so you know you’re doing what’s right for you.

You want to have an awesome year. You want to feel better than ever. But there are hundreds of suggestions and plans and programs out there. What will work for you?

You are already built for success. Capitalise on this, on your unique design, and the rest will follow for you.

Activators, your hack for success is your fitness.

Get your body moving at the right times, in the right ways, and you’ll be winning at life.

So much of your genius, and success, in all aspects of your life, flows from your physical fitness. Challenging and invigorating your body will sharpen your mind, improve your relationships and enormously increase your feelings of success. The more energy you express through well timed bursts of activity, the more energy you’ll actually have for things like mental and emotional focus, and the better quality rest and recharge you’ll get.

Your body is your foundation for everything – get it feeling good, and everything else can be built on that. You don’t want to waste your time trying other things if you’re not set up physically. Set yourself up to win – your body is absolutely built for it.

How many of these can you conquer this year?

– Early to bed, early to rise. Just do it if you aren’t already – see the results for yourself.

– Intensify your mornings – start your days with a movement burst, even just 15 minutes

– Start, or ramp up, your outdoor fitness – mountain runs, rafting, parkour

– Get competitive – do an event like an obstacle course, join a sports team, or keep beating your own PB in your workouts

– Try out more creative, agile fitness programs – like martial arts, aerial arts or gymnastics

Not convinced all of these ideas are right for you? Maybe they’re not. You are more than just “an activator.” You are you. To feel really sure that you’re doing the right types of fitness activities in the right way for you, the best place to go is your Fitness section of your ph360 profile. This is where you will gain the most personalised advice that considers all of you, beyond just your Health Type.

– Check out your Fitness Overview to see your personalised daily schedule. Go to the Detailed Schedule to find out how and why living your day this way is going to really boost you. If you’re not convinced by a suggestion – just try it. See how your body responds. That will be your best measure.

– Try out new routines from the Strength, Cardio and Flexibility sections to get more variety into your workouts – knowing that you’re moving in the best way for your body

Putting your personalised recommendations into action means you won’t be wasting any time or energy on something that’s not a winning fit for you.

If you want even more motivation, bring in the added energy of a personalised health coach. They can challenge you and keep you on your toes, and pump you up for all your wins along the way.

You could also try a Personalised Detox – don’t worry, it’s not a “diet” so you won’t go hungry. It’s personalised to you completely, so it gives your body exactly what it needs to get an excellent boost to kick start your year.

No matter what you choose to act on this year, just jump in, try it, and then keep mixing it up with more variety.

Live in your body, and live now. Have an epic year!

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22 Jul

Sensors: Health Type Hacks

Sensors: Health Type Hacks

Want to set yourself up for success this year? Find out your Health Type’s hack for success in this series on what to focus so you know you’re doing what’s right for you.

You probably already have a list of desired outcomes and improvements for this year. But, some of them may seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve been tackling them for some time but are not satisfied that you’ve fully achieved them yet.

Some simple redirection of your energy can help you achieve your desired successes with even greater efficiency.

Sensors, your mind is your powerhouse. With it, you can achieve anything you direct your attention to. But like any powerful machine, if it’s left to idle too long, or if it’s pushed to overdrive, it can burn itself out. This usually manifests as not just mental burn out, but physical burn out.

If you have any goals around your energy, digestion, stress, sleep, immunity – all of these have to be built on the foundation of getting your mind into a good place. It runs the show. So if you’ve been trying to improve anything physical and not getting your desired results, it’s highly probable that a key factor needs to addressed – your mind.

The sensor’s mind is a powerful creative force. When directed purposefully and precisely, it is capable of incredible feats. But when left to its own devices, or not nurtured, it can use that power to turn on itself.

Here are some detailed pointers for directing your mind’s power:

– Follow your chronobiology. There are four personalised schedules in your ph360 profile: Food, Fitness, Lifestyle and Genius. To really focus on using your mind in your favour, primarily use your Genius schedule, and blend this with your Lifestyle schedule. This will establish an efficient and effective daily flow that meets the natural rhythms of your neurochemistry and energy levels. This will allow you to be precise and directed with your mental energy, which will support your physical and emotional states. In principle, your mornings need to maintain calm and balance, so you can be highly mentally active through your day, then allow plenty of time to wind down of an evening.

– Write to release. Journaling gets thoughts out of your head and into words – whether on a page or in a video. Writing by hand further reinforces a mind-body connection creating an additional feedback loop to trigger release. Your mind is constantly processing and assessing, so if you don’t clear it out regularly it can get seriously clogged. If some kind of journaling isn’t already part of your regular practice, work it in.

– Create. Ideally, create what you want, whether it’s something you keep private, or something you choose to share, maybe professionally. Create art, food, the written word, dance, programs, anything. Your Mind & Genius sections will have the most precise suggestions for what you are designed for.

– Learn. Stimulate your mind with a new project of discovery – a language, an artform, a new skill, an online course. It can be for purely personal application or be functional in your professional aspirations as well. Just keep rewarding your mind with what turns it on.

– Write lists. Prevent overwhelm or the fear of missing anything important, and keep plenty of lists, so you can logically categorise and prioritise them. Revel in the satisfaction of ticking tasks off the list. (And yes, writing something you’ve already done onto the list just so you can cross it off is completely legit – it triggers a huge reward response in your brain.)

– Schedule time and space to recharge. This is critical. Your mind, at the core of your central nervous system, absolutely has to desensitise and detach in order to reset your whole body. Intentionally include practices like yoga, meditation, warm baths, aromatherapy, massage and time away from the stimulation of people, lights, sounds and stressors. This will prevent mental & physical burnout, and that awfully fatiguing and exasperating experience of being “tired but wired.”

Whether it’s a personal or professional goal, an internal or an external result or product that you’re creating – use your mind’s power to logically, attentively and intentionally make it happen. This will bring success for your goals for your body, relationships, career and wellbeing.

If you’re open for additional pointers, the Personalised Detox program, or a personalised coach, can be highly effective to help laser your focus and bring your attention to factors that you may not have yet considered for your overall health and wellbeing. You can utilise either on your terms with minimal fuss.

However you live it, and whatever you create, have an exceptional year.

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22 Jun

Crusaders: Health Type Hacks

Crusaders: Health Type Hacks

Want to set yourself up for success this year? Find out your Health Type’s hack for success in this series on what to focus so you know you’re doing what’s right for you.

Crusaders, it is essential that you live on purpose. Your success hack is hosted by your mind – the machine running your show.

Your mind needs to be driven towards a clear purpose in everything you do. If anything in your life is pointless, aimless or isn’t giving you a sense of achievement – get rid of it, replace it, or reframe it. Direct all your energy purposefully.

The key reason: your dopamine response. Your Health Type is wired to be driven towards dopamine release. This neurotransmitter produces a reward response in the brain, which then generates motivation towards repeated efforts. It comes from making achievements.

If you haven’t got a clear mission or purpose, you need one. You need a point to everything you do. You need goals. You need markers of success to tick off. You don’t ‘go with the flow’ and ‘surrender to the now.’ You, possibly more than any other type, must have clear, specific, actionable and measurable goals. They can be personal or professional, public or private achievements – but they have to be yours.

I’m not going to tell you what to do or what goals to set. That’s your job, which you’re more than capable of. But, I will provide some brief suggestions for maximising on your efforts towards achieving your objectives.

Strategies to enhance your mental efficacy and productivity:

– Focus your attention. While you can manage many projects and responsibilities, your mind is far more effective when you use a laser focus to attend to one at a time. You may be able to do it in bursts, but switching between too many tasks ultimately slows down your processing.

As such, you need to:

– Prioritise and compartmentalise. Be logical and precise in your processes. Delete extraneous distractions when you are on task – turn off notifications, shut the door, put headphones in. Practice effective ways of letting others know that when you’re on task, that is your priority. Then, when it’s time, move to the compartment that might be ‘social’ or ‘fitness’ or ‘eating’. (Create compartments for all of these – otherwise you risk not attending to them as needed.)

– Schedule time for your body’s needs: healthy eating, exercising and sleeping. Set alarms to ensure it happens. While you can push harder than some, it ultimately reduces your productivity if you’re not attending to your physical needs.

Key points:

– Sleep: In principle, don’t stay up past midnight, rise earlier instead for morning productivity. Wind down before you sleep. List tomorrow’s priorities, then leave them. Switch off your notifications.

– Eat: Fuel the brain with complex carbohydrates. Consume nutrient dense cooked foods regularly – slow cookers save time. Minimise your intake of toxins e.g. alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars. Your brain has a higher predisposition towards storing these toxins, and your mental drive may make these quick fixes attractive. Don’t fall for short term hits at the expense of long term productivity.

– Exercise: Clear your head with long distance, repetitive, solo activities like running or cycling, ideally in the afternoon. Start mornings with activity that gets you breathing deeply and circulating but does not expend essential energy too soon.

For the most precise and personalised data, access your ph360 profile. Identify what you are going to action when, and track your progress in their implementation.

To amplify your mental & physical energy, a Personalised Detox will provide you with a complete, brief and efficient program to implement at home. To extend, employing the expertise of a personalised coach will further build your toolkit of strategies for maximising your success.

Whatever your objectives, have a highly successful year.

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01 Jul

What is Personalized Nutrition?

Food is a fact of life. We need food to survive and to grow.

In prehistoric times food was not something that we questioned or agonized over. We ate when we were hungry and stopped when we were full; we lived off the land and consumed what was available. What was available was exactly what our bodies needed because living in that particular climate and environment had led us to evolve in a particular way.

Conditions like obesity, food addiction, bulimia and anorexia did not exist before modern times. But today, we as a species have developed a somewhat warped relationship with food – especially in the western world. Our food has never been as mass produced or as processed as it is today. The term ‘fast food’, believe it or not, is a relatively new one.

In short, we have forgotten what food is – our very nourishment and sustenance.

The fact remains that we need food – it is crucial to our overall health and well-being. Yet our nutritional needs are not all the same. We are each unique due to the specific combination of genes we find ourselves with and the environment we find ourselves in, so it’s no surprise that our nutritional needs are also unique.

Untitled design (4)

When we begin to ask questions about what’s best for us and leave the plethora of generic health and nutrition advice from the media and health industry behind, we begin to experience true health. Here are some questions that personalized nutrition can give us an answer to – an answer that is different for each and every one of us.

Protein – what is the best source for me? Fish? Beans? Quinoa? Chicken? Turkey?

Energy – what and when should I eat to maintain energy throughout the day?

Raw fruit, fruit juice, or fruit smoothie?

Should I sweeten with sugar, honey or agave?

One or two? How many snacks should I eat in a day?

Nutrients – which ones am I getting enough of and which do I need more of?

After exercise, what should I eat?

Larger and fewer meals or smaller and more frequent meals? Which is ideal for my body?

Is gluten really something I should avoid?

Sugar cravings – why do I get them and how can I prevent them?

Eliminating grains – should I do it?

Do I really need to eat breakfast?

Not eating after 7pm – will it help me lose weight?

Unfortunately, I’ve tried everything and still can’t lose weight. What do I do?

Timing – when and how often should I eat for maximum benefit?

Raw or cooked? How should I prepare my vegetables?

Is low-carb the best nutrition plan for me?

They say cutting out dairy is can help with better digestion and clearer skin. Is that safe for me?

Is kale really as good for me as I hear?

Only egg white or eat the yolk too?

Nuts – which are the healthiest for my body?


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If you’ve asked yourself these questions and found that your answer to most was ‘Aah! I don’t know!’ – don’t panic. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who knows all the answers to their nutritional needs and doesn’t take a step in uncertainty from time to time. The fact that you’re interested in the questions at all is an incredible step forward – it means that you want to make a positive change to your nutrition and health.

One way to find the answers to your own nutritional needs is to educate yourself, read up and do heaps of research, maybe get a Ph.D. Yet you still won’t have all the answers that are tailored and accurate specifically for you. The best way then is to sign up for ph360 – a program completely personalized to your genetics and epigenetics that tells you exactly which foods are best for you and which you might consider avoiding. With the help of such customized programs, you can become your own nutritionist over time and take charge of your own health and your own life!

12 Jan

The Plant that Helps Fight Cancer

The Plant that Helps Fight Cancer

By Dr. Alberto Garoli

The National Institute of Health in Italy has patented the extract of the Prunus plant as an adjunct to chemotherapy. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells and will be available by prescription.

Industries continually churn out innovative drugs, capable of changing the course of cancer, which to date is considered unbeatable. The research costs hundreds of millions. Now, nature seems to have provided some help in this area: not a revolutionary help but a much less expensive one. Prunus is a plant that grows mainly in Molise. The blue fruit of the Prunus plant is transformed into delicious liquor by the local producers. Were it not for National Institute of Health, which has discovered and tested its properties, it may have remained nothing more than a delicious drink. However, it seem that the extract of the Prunus plant is not just another of many anticancer elixirs which claim to cure cancer but do no such thing. The Prunus extract, in combination with a particular mixture of amino acids, the essential constituents of our tissues, has been proven effective in tests in inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells up to 78 percent. The extract, already patented, will be available in June, ready to be used as an adjunct to chemotherapy.

The plant name is Prunus spinosa Trigno. The extract was discussed at the fourth International Congress of Medicine Biointegrity by Stefania Moschini, a researcher and author of a study being published: “It is rich in antioxidants and can thwart tumor growth. In the laboratory, the extract can reduce the cells taken from patients with tumors in the lung, colon and cervix. Alone, it had no effect, and then we added amino acids, vitamins and minerals.” Mid-year it will go on sale. Once the drug is available, hopefully its uses and applications with treating various cancers can be broadened.

According to Meschini, the effects of the extract are very rapid. The destruction of malignant cells takes place in twenty-four hours. Mastrodonato Franco, president of the Italian Society of Medicine Biointegrity (Simeb), is confident about the therapeutic potential of the shrub: “It is not toxic. The compound has already been registered at the Ministry of Health.” The study will be presented to the scientific community on June 25 during the Expo in a conference on integrated cancer care. A doctor’s prescription will be required. “Natural remedies are great allies”, says Paul Marchetti, an oncologist at St. Andrew’s in Rome. “Anything that improves the quality of life for patients is welcome.”